How much does a SaddleBrooke structure cost?

There are three factors that impact the price of a structure.

1. Size – The biggest factor that affects price is the size of your pre-built cabin, tiny home, or shed. Think about the purpose of your cabin and the amount of square feet you will need

2. Number of windows – The number of windows in your pre-built cabin, tiny home, or shed influences the price based on the amount of extra or upgraded windows we install.

3. Interior add-ons – We offer interior framing, electrical, plumbing, spray foam insulation. The add-ons vary in price according to your square footage.

How long does it take to build a SaddleBrooke structure?

Typically, lead times on our pre-built lifestyle structures are between two to four weeks. It does not take that long to actually build the structure. Most of our structures we can knock out in about four weeks! The lead times we give are based on the overall construction from start to finish considering everything from beginning to end.

Is a SaddleBrooke structure “turn-key”?

Almost. The things we offer in our lifestyle structures are interior framing, electrical, and plumbing insulation. But we’re here to help you get into your structure as quickly as possible. We offer step-by-step DIY videos on how to finish the structures on your own.

The land must also be site-ready for delivery. There should be no big obstacles in the way of where the structure will be set up. The size of the structure will determine how much clearance space we will need to bring the building onto your property.

What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver throughout the state of Texas. Our cabin park is located in De Kalb, Texas. In Texas, there is no delivery fee to bring your structure to your land for the first 150 miles. Delivering a cabin outside of Texas is possible. But please note, the further distance from our location in De Kalb, TX, the more it will cost. On occasion, we are willing to make exceptions and deliver out of state if it makes good business sense for everyone involved. We have delivered structures as far as Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana!

Can I finance my structure?

Yes! While we do not offer in-house financing on our cabins, we do offer a network of preferred lenders that are very competitive and understand our process. Each lender we have worked and established a positive relationship with. If you have a bank you know and trust, whether it’s a small credit union or your local bank, we recommend going through them to get your cabin financed.

What are the requirements to start construction?

The requirements to start construction on your structure involves land, time, and payment. Before starting construction, you should consider the time frame that fits our build schedule and the ownership of the land.

For payment, we take 25% of the payment down when the cabin is first ordered. The next 50% is taken once the home is complete. Finally, an additional payment is collected once everything is complete and you are 100% satisfied.

How are your pre-built cabins classified?

SaddleBrooke pre-built cabins are not modular, manufactured, or mobile homes. They are 100% stick built homes that are built at our manufacturing facility and transported to your property or location.

Our log cabins are not classified as mobile homes because they are not built on a trailer and do not sit on axles. They are not classified as manufactured homes because you are not limited to 7-10 floor plans to choose from. No sheet material on the interior is used. We allow you to customize your floor plan. We build a rustic wood product, a 100% timber built home.

What options do I have in customizing my structure?

The options you have when customizing your pre-built structure include the exterior finish, roof type and color, windows, porches (how many and what type – railing or no railing). You are custom building a home with choices that we guide you through to select options that fit your lifestyle and ownership goals.

How is a SaddleBrooke structure delivered and installed?

We deliver the structure using our special equipment that is designed to move the entire house safely down the road and on to your site. We install it on above-ground pads and concrete blocks

Where are SaddleBrooke structures built?

We build cabins at our manufacturing plant out of De Kalb, Texas. We have a model home park that currently stages 75 of our cabin models for you to view and walk through. The cabin park is open Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

What is your warranty policy?

Here are the details of our specs and warranty policy: 

We have 3 different exterior sidings that we use at SaddleBrooke. We have a LP smart panel that has a 50 year warranty also alongside our trim. 

We have a LP lap siding that has a 50 year warranty. This is a higher priced product. We install a 7/16” OSB for the backing and install a moisture barrier to protect water from entering the structure.

We offer a 5 year limited warranty on the construction of all of the  stick built products that we build. 

We use a metal roof 29 gauge that has a 30 year warranty.


We start with a 4x6 treated floor skid that provides durability for delivery and strength of the cabin. Our 8-10’ wides only get 2 skids per cabin, our 12’ structures get 4 rows. 

Next we use a 2x6 floor joist every 16” on center for the floor structure. 

We use a scrail for all treated wood  which is a screw that installs like a nail.

8’,10’,12’, Are 2x4 trusses 24’ on center.

14’, 16’, 18’, 20’ are 2x6 trusses on 24” centers.

We use a 7/16” OSB decking on all roofs.

We use a 7 Mil UV resistant, water barrier, felt paper on all roofs.

We use 2x4 wall 16” on center, studs every 4’ ft is a double stud.